Wire Brushing & Hand Distressed In Los Angeles


You may or may not know what this is, so here’s a brief description…  Hand distressing a floor is a unique technique done by hand to distress and create a masterpiece on your floors. The scratches and gouges in hand-distressed floors are created by using chains, hammers, chisels, awls and saw blades, which result in a unique and rustic look. Hand-distressed floors require a great deal of skill, artistry, time and labor. It’s a physically demanding process that takes a lot of time, but the possibilities are endless. 


Wire brushing is another technique used to create a custom effect on your floors. The look of wire brushed floors can by achieved by using stiff wire to remove the soft wood from the grain revealing the heartwood. Because of the nature of the process, this texturizing technique is appealing to homeowners for a number of reasons, in particular because it can hide scratches, adding visual interest and a texture that cannot be achieve any other way.

Other Practice Areas

Installation of all types of wood flooring
Dust Free Sanding Process
Sanding & Finishing
Custom work